Breeding Program

Spry’s Shorthorns operate a seedstock and commercial breeding operation. The Spry’s Shorthorn program is based upon years of commitment to the beef industry and careful selection of quality, superior genetics. The commercial operation consists of both purebred and cross-bred Shorthorn cattle.

Spry’s main focus is on the bull breeding program- producing fertile, structurally correct, value for money bulls with a lot of carcase traits for the commercial cattleman.

Spry’s believe in testing their own product for premium markets, by producing steers for the Japanese export and heavy domestic markets, turning steers off at 400-500kg. This enables Spry’s to focus on identifying sire and dam lines on certain carcase characteristics including weight for age, yield, marbling and meat quality.

Spry’s also offer a service to assist clients in improving their herd base through selection of quality genetics, to suit specific market and environment requirements. This enables clients to purchase a premium product with confidence and reap the rewards for their superior livestock.