New Donor joins Spry’s Angus!

Texas UNDINE M113 is a new donor for Spry’s Angus program:

@Texas Angus have shared their excitement about the potential of Texas UNDINE M113 to Spry’s Shorthorn and Angus:

“M113 is a daughter of the great Texas UNDINE Z183 who has sold $1,000,000 worth of bulls alone. She is the maternal sister of so many donors at Texas including the incredible Texas UNDINE H647 who is one of Australia’s most recognised, dominant females. H647 is the dam of $225,000 Texas ICEMAN, $108,000 Texas POWERPLAY, and $48,000 Texas QUINELLA to name a few and currently having sold 26 bulls to average $35,550 which includes selling 5 bulls over $40,000 and having already accumulated $930,000 worth of progeny (not many cows can claim that track record).

M113’s full sister is Texas UNDINE L621 who has sold bulls to $58,000 and currently averaging $39,000 for her sons. She is also the maternal sister to Texas UNDINE N555 who was sold recently for $60,000 to be St Fillan’s Angus VIC leading donor.

So the maternal history of this Tour of Duty female is HUGE and we look forward to seeing how she breeds for one of Australia’s leading stud breeders.”

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