Crathes Layton L42 – New walking Sire at Sprys

The Grove Gigabytes J837

Sprys Primroses Buddy J17-GLSJ17

Sprys Mortal M40

Sprys Gigabytes N122

Sprys Boom Time M222

Sprys Extra Special N61

Muridale Thermal Energy 15A July 2018

Canadian super Sire, Muridale Thermal Energy 15A is the number 1 current Shorthorn sire in Australia for the
All Purpose Index (API) $Index at $161.

Thermal Energy 15A has a unique EPD spread which sits inside the Top 1% of the Shorthorn population in Australia
for the important traits of Stayability and Marble Score, the Top 5% for Calving Ease Maternal, Carcase Weight and
Rib Eye Area.

Sprys Heritage M213